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Adult and New Adult

Quarantined with my Werewold Ex-Boyfriend.png



Kar is the only human in a pack of werewolves. She has no complaints with that, she loves it and wouldn't trade her sometimes furry family for anything.

When a new virus arrives in her country her brother, next in line to be Alpha and her Father, the current Alpha take things into their own hands.

Now locked in a remote cabin with her Ex boyfriend for her own safety, Kar needs to start healing some of the wounds of her past and find a way to embrace who she is. If she doesn't she might not survive what is coming her way next.

*This is a novella featuring a sweet love story which is sure to make you smile.


Quarantined with my Werewolf Ex-Boyfriend



Evie's best friend Stacy has recently come back from a trip abroad. Unfortunately she didn't come back alone. Her impulsive friend has found herself a man and as far as Evie is concerned things are moving way too fast.

So when Stacy invites her to meet her new man at a local pancake shop, Evie reluctantly dresses up for the Canadian winter outside her door, armed with a plan to make Stacy see the error of her ways.

Unfortunately things don't quite go to plan. Stacey's new man has decided to bring a friend of his own to their pancake shop meet up, and the sinfully attractive redhead is the most infuriating man she has ever met.

Will this new addition ruin Evie's plans? Or will the night end better then she could have ever expected.

*This is a short novelette of around 35 pages. Perfect for fans of cozy reads, enemies to lovers and happily ever afters.


Pancakes with a Mistletoe on Top
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