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Who am I?

Hello! My name is Maya and I am an author/writer, story lover (in all their forms from stories through art, to stories in the past, present, or the possible stories of our future) and lover of DIY, art and crafts. I also love sharing my journey on the quest to make the most of my story, mind, body and soul!


My platform is all about all of those passions (stories, creativity and empowerment) and quite often these things all interconnect!

Here is a bit more about me;

As a writer, I am fond of writing stories filled with magic, hope and humor. I also write in a variety of genre from Fiction, to non-fiction and children books!


As for stories I like to find them in a multitude of ways. Stories all around us, not only in books. You can see a story through someones art (Dancing, visual art, music), you can look at stories of the past or ponder on what our future story might look like. There is a story on how an object was made and how it got to be where it is today, stories on places and what went on there, stories that we experience and add to the novel of our lives. They are everywhere! I love to look for them and explore what they have to tell us.


When it comes to my creative passions it's impossible to name one. What I like about being creative is finding solutions and ways's to look at things differently and make things yourself in your own unique way. From home DIY's to recreating things from the past or playing with watercolor, paint, photography I like to play with it all. Creativity is not about perfection it's about making things with your hand and looking at things differently. In terms of empowerment I like to highlight things which might lead to moments of empowerment in others or share my imperfect journey in order to motivate or inspire people by my journey.


Everyone is different, no one is perfect. Empowerment to me is taking conscious steps to lift yourself and others up as well as listening and being open to other view points. It's about learning from your mistakes and taking the steps to do better. It's about lifting everyone up, without tearing people down.


And that's the jist of it! Join me as I share my thoughts, ideas and my story on this adventure we call life. I hope you will stick around and experience some of it with me!

Where can you find me online?

For the most up to date information you can join my Newsletter, follow me on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Podcast, Youtube) and frequently check my website which is regularly updated with content.

Want to send me some mail? Send it to the address below!! ( I cannot guarantee unsolicited pieces of mail will be answered or featured. More information Here.)

Maya Lemaire

P.O box 871

Chesterville, ON, K0C 1H0


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