What is the mAYA lEMAIRE platform?

Maya calls herself an Empowerment Advocate and A Creative Soul. All her work spins on those two statements.


How did this Start?

Maya has always liked helping others, when she was young barely in 3rd grade she tried to start a campaign to help starving children in remote parts of the world, while that particular movement went nowhere the passion of social entrepreneurship which a goal to make positive impact has never left her.

After many years and projects which never felt quite right, Maya decided to start a platform simply called her own name. She did this so that she could be free to promote her talents and messages without constrictive labels. Because of this choice she believes she will be able to help more people as she is being her true authentic self and sharing her truth in hopes it will in turn helps others.

What does Maya do on her platform?

Maya uses her platform to inspire and empower others.

She does this in multiple ways, from sharing her journey (heart, mind, body and soul), to sharing her stories and research. She also post articles, has a Youtube channel and provides products to enrich many different aspects of your life.

Where can you find Maya Lemaire?

You can find Maya and more of her work and products on her Youtube Channels and this website.

For the most up to date information you can also join Maya’s Newsletter, follow her on social media, and regularly check her website which is regularly updated with content.


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