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365 Kindness: Year 1, Day 10


It's the end of the week for most, it's Friday and today I want to spread a bit of hope and beauty into your lives.

I talked about people being kind and doing all they can to help with the Australian wildfires. Now I want to talk about the fires themselves.

Sometimes a big disaster can actually be a catalyst for positive change. It does not undermine the suffering or hurt the disaster caused but is a second side which is sometimes essential to focus on.

In the article I will be sharing today we can see how new life is already growing amid the burned ecosystems and forests where billions of animals and some humans as well lost their lives. The article described it as "Eerily beautiful and full of hope." and I can't agree more

Photo taken here:

This is a not a new phenomenon with fires. In fact people all around the world have used the "slash and burn" method which is, if I put very very basically, to burn a patch of land and then let the cinders and nutrients which fall to the ground make new growth.

Image taken here:

These fires are not intentional but the land like always is not letting this disaster conquer her, she is rising back up mere weeks after she was so badly hurt. As humans we have this capacity too. We have the capacity to rise up, keep hope alive and keep moving forward toward a world of love and kindness, for ourselves, others and our planet.

So let's rise up if we are currently down and make the best of hard times. We are strong, we are worthy and we can make this a better world for all.

Full Article on the new plants can be found HERE.

Love and Light to you all and until tomorrow.

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