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365 Kindness: Year 1, Day 104 - Guest Post, Angelika

Hello everyone!

I am excited to feature another person for this 365 Kindness project! If you are new to this project, I do my best to find someone who spreads Kindness, empowerment or inspiration in what they do and then feature them here on my website. I usually do this once a week.

I do my best to feature people from a wide range of backgrounds and professions because I believe kindness, empowerment and inspiration are present everywhere.

Today I am going to be Angelika's views on kindness!


About Angelika:

Angelika is an Intuitive, Certified Energy Therapist and Spiritual Guide. Angelika’s pure purpose is to teach people to live an emotionally authentic life.

Angelika has a unique way of seeing and doing things thus she has earned the title “trendsetter.” Her innovative mind assists her clients and students in finding solutions to many of life’s challenges. She holds a space of love and compassion for her clients and students as they release old patterning of the past that keeps them stuck and helps them create a New Life of meaning and purpose. A True legacy for their lives.

Her innovative approach is simple, effective and quick.

Angelika sees beyond a person’s old programming, abuse and other issues and helps them to heal to recapture their soul and spark for life. Her dedication and integrity is beyond the norm.

She is one of the most innovative Healers in this century.

Angelika offers

  • Personal One on One Sessions, in person and online zoom.

  • Goddess Retreat in Sedona “Awakening the Radiance of your Divine Inner Goddess”

  • Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner Certification

  • Diamond Heart Consciousness Workshops (Energy for your Authentic Success)

  • Learning Light Language (The cosmic language)

  • Soul Café (Social) once a month,

  • Diamond Heart Portal (Online class) and more…

Please visit

What does the word/sentiment of Kindness mean to you? 

The word sentiment for me is having a deep inner sense of compassion from within my soul for a person or situation. Kindness is the love that comes from my heart to reach out and offer the wisdom and knowledge that I have been blessed with to assist people to better their lives. It warms my heart to be able to make a difference in someone’s life. Kindness comes in so many forms and it and can simply be a smile or a listening ear. I believe if you love yourself then you are kind.

What do you do to implement Kindness in your life and/or How has Kindness affected you?

Over the years I have had the gift of many people showing up in my life and blessing me with their kindness. Their kindness and wisdom helped me to get back on my feet and truly believe in myself because they believed in me. It helped me to realize I was not alone. These gifts of kindness helped me to find my way and be successful in life. In more recent years I have been paying it forward in supporting a person on their journey to success. It has been a very rewarding time to be kind and share the wisdom to support this person to learn and grow and mature into their life. Kindness comes in many forms but is always for the highest good of the receiver. Sometimes kindness shows up as giving a pep talk or a nudge forward. Sometimes kindness is setting a boundary to help another to learn to fly on their own. All the while supporting them in the background energetically to be successful. Tough love is the most profound form of kindness and yet the hardest to implement.

What do you do to share/increase kindness in the lives of people around or people you communicate with.

I truly believe that kindness starts at home with us. I tune in every day with my inner child and try to do something for myself that is gentle, loving and kind. I don’t believe we can truly be kind to others unless we are firstly kind to ourselves. Often times when I am in the world and I see someone struggling I send them love from my heart to bless them energetically. Other times I take an interest in a person by asking questions about their lives. I listen and hold the space for them to know they are heard. I offer to share my wisdom and knowledge when I feel it may be helpful. In recent days I have offered a Healing Circle for a group that is struggling with an issue in the community. There are so many acts of kindness throughout my day that it is difficult to put into words all the kind and loving things I implement in a day. It truly is a way of being. Kindness is in my cells and in my DNA. Kindness is Love.

What is one message you think the world currently needs to hear?

Slow down and really enjoy each moment of your experience and interact with people around you. This is kind. It makes life more wonderful for everyone. In this busy world that we live in people are not interacting socially as much as they used to. More people today feel lonely than ever before. Let us take the time to smile at someone or say hello or even acknowledge them with a nod of the head. This is so important. People seem to be so rushed that they don’t even look the person in the eyes that they are interacting with. We are not separate. We are all one. Each one of us can make a difference by being kind and it ripples out into the world and is passed on to create a beautiful loving world.

Is there anything else in the realm of empowerment, inspiration or kindness you would like to share?

My biggest advice is to find your way to your own heart and listen to what your heart says. Your heart is far wiser than your mind and your intellect. This is the kindest thing you could do for yourself and for your life. Kindness starts at home. You will never be kind to another if you are not kind to yourself. If you are challenged with learning how to live in your heart, rather than your mind, please reach out for a session with Angelika or check out the new program “Diamond Heart Consciousness”. In this program you will heal all the reasons you are hard on yourself or a people pleaser and you will honor your own heart and your Soul’s purpose. You will also learn new tools that you can use to help yourself in your daily life. You are worth it!

Step into your Heart Power.

Angelika would be honored to journey with you. (


That's it for this Guest Post. Thank you Angelika for answering these questions and giving us your insight and views on kindness!

If you want to connect with Angelika here is her website link:

Angelika is also running a free Intro for her Diamond Heart Consciousness Program on April 16th at 6pm! See all the information below:

2020 is giving us time for reflection to go within and to listen to our hearts and souls as the catalyst for a new vision of living here on this Earth. 2020 is about building a Heart-Centered foundation creating a kind and caring world. If you would like to learn more about building a strong Heart Centered Foundation that transmutes fear into love Join us for a free introduction to Diamond Heart Consciousness Thursday April 16th on Zoom at 6:00pm till 7:30pm Please send me an email at

This intro is totally free and you will receive a diamond heart activation and a mudra that you can use in your everyday life to help you stay heart centered in difficult times. Hope to see you on the call!!


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Love and Light to you all and until tomorrow.

***Don’t forget! You can nominate someone or something for me to feature by sending me an email at ! My goal is to feature someone at least once a week!

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