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365 Kindness: Year 1, Day 11


Some people might notice that this is a day late. If you didn't know you know haha. I had a rough day yesterday and have been feeling all out of wack since Friday night so I am trying to find a balance on the raft of my emotions right now. I practiced self kindness yesterday and took a moment to try and center myself.

So this is what I think I needed to here Yesterday as a way of being kind to myself.

I do not know the owner of this image (it was shared to me on Facebook) but do not won the rights. If you know the owner let me know and I will give them credit.

A very important message for showing kindness to yourself. Also be aware of this of people who are struggling with make those big and painful changes. They most likely need your kindness during this now more than ever.

Love and Light to you all and until tomorrow.

***Don’t forget! You can nominate someone or something for me to feature by sending me an email at or soon my P.O box ! My goal is to feature someone at least once a week!

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