365 Kindness, Year 1 day 246: It’s gonna take a lot of love

August 2nd 2020 

Hi everyone! 

It’s been a while since I wrote an actual 365 Kindness post. If you saw my last update post then you know I had transferred my daily posts to my Facebook group. Lately, I have been thinking of transferring things back here to a daily post, but instead of links it would be a written post. Sometimes long, sometimes maybe just a few lines. It’s still in the air at the moment as it seems I have a commitment issue lately but in the meanwhile expect a bit of both. Sometimes you might even get two kindness posts a day! 

Alright, with that out of the way let’s get into today’s post! This post is inspired by Nicoletta Larson. Who is Nicoletta Larson? A singer… I don’t know much else about her, sorry! If you are a bit older than me then maybe you may know more of her story. 

Anyways, I was in the car and listening to the radio. Covid was on my mind like it is so often these days. As I drove, the lyrics of the song on the radio permeated into my subconscious until it brought up an important reminder to me about COVID and the world today. The song was “Lotta love” by Nicoletta Larson

Now, as I looked up the lyrics afterwards, I realized this song is about her ex-lover or her boyfriend who she is having issues with. However, as I drove I was struck by this chorus which I think applied to more than boyfriend troubles.

It’s gonna take a lotta love , To change the way things are.
It’s gonna take a lotta love , Or we won’t get too far
So if you look in my direction And we don’t see eye to eye,
My heart needs protection and so do I.
It’s gonna take a lotta love To get us thru the night.
It’s gonna take a lotta love To make things work out right.”

Let’s analyze these words for a moment and why I connect them deeply to kindness and COVID-19. 

It’s gonna take a lotta love To change the way things are.

When we look at how the ‘way things are’ right now it’s not pretty. We see racism, we see inequality, we see death, poverty, a pandemic etc. The only way to chance any of that is with a lotta of love. Now, I am not being a hippy here and telling you to put on the flower power and yell “peace and love!” at the top of your lungs. What I am saying is love means kindness, it means understanding. 

Think about it this way. If your child, sister, husband, grandma, grandpa, etc, did something not so good. Would you yell at them and throw things at their head? Maybe some of you would at first, but then you calm down. When your calm you realize you can’t accept what they did but you also still love them. 

Because of that love, you go to them and try to be open to their side of the story. You try to calmly explain to them why you are upset by what they did and you calmly try to make them see your way. If it doesn’t work you try again, if it still doesn’t work you distance yourself from them for a bit or for a long while.

Think of the evil in the world or your enemies in the world the same way as you would someone you love. I’m not saying you have to love but but approach them the way you would someone you loved who had done wrong. 

For example, you hate what John smith did, but instead of yelling at him over social media or sending him nasty letters you try to calmly tell John Smith why what he is doing is not acceptable. If John Smith can’t understand you leave him be. You unfriend him, you block him, you don’t give him any of your energy. 

What would John Smith do if everyone tried to calmly tell him he was wrong and then left him alone? What would John Smith do if he couldn’t get an angry reaction from anyone and basically was screaming mean things into a void? John Smith might then reconsider some things, he might stop being so mean because he got nothing from it anymore. 

This is just one example of how a lotta love is the right way to approach the fear, evil and sickness in the world right now. It’s like a teeter totter, right now it feels like the evil is winning and keeping you stuck in the air flailing. How to you even the field? By growing the love and tipping the balance back in your court. 

It’s gonna take a lotta love, Or we won’t get too far

I think this one goes with my previous explanation. Without love we are only growing the hate and evil. Without love, we won’t get too far, we will just keep going in circles and repeating the same mistakes. You need to break the pattern of hate with it’s opposite, love. 

So if you look in my direction And we don’t see eye to eye,

This goes with the first line I shared. A lot of people right now are not seeing eye to eye, this is causing sadness, and destruction for our world and many of our relationships. No matter if it’s a difference in morals, beliefs, politics etc.

We need to approach all that negative and bad energy with love no matter how hard it is. It is really friggin hard to approach something you hate with love, it takes a bigger person to even attempt it, but what if it became the norm? What if we taught everyone from a young age to kill them with kindness instead of killing them with guns? What would the world become if we approached hate with love and the normal response to hate and evil was to suffocate it with love? I think it would be something completely different and quite amazing to see. It would make a ripple effect in all areas of society and the world. 

We all get angry, we all feel dark emotions like hate but we don’t all feel them at the same time. If the reaction to hate became love we would be creating a cycle of lifting one another up in our times of need.

 Let’s say for example I’m angry, I hate the world. A person who is not feeling that way at the moment fights against those beliefs and the feelings I am putting out there I with love. In turn I eventually find my way back to love.

Later, I find someone who is in a state of hate, just like I had been and I do the same for them. The simple act of using love to fight hate would revolutionize the world. It would become less about “me” and more and “us”. It would become more of a human race supporting and lifting one another up and less about “us” versus “them. 

We all get hurt, we all hurt others, but to get out it and find the light we all so desperately need, we have to acknowledge our actions, change what needs to be changed and rise all together. We can’t leave a group of people behind because no matter what they did because then it would just start a new cycle of inequality and the same process would need to happen down the road, again and again on repeat throughout human kinds history.

In short we don’t need to see eye to eye but we need to work together for a better world and realize we are all more alike than we might think. We have to show a lotta love to everyone if we want to move forward.

My heart needs protection and so do I.

A lot of people today are feeling scared. I know I feel like closing off, I feel like protecting my heart from being hurt. 

I think that’s ok, we need to realize a lot of us are shutting down in order to protect ourselves from the scary world out there. What we also need to realize is that while we feel the need to protect ourselves and our hearts, so does basically everyone else in the world right now. 

Why is this important? Because it explains a lot. When people are in protect and fight mode sometimes they let the fear speak for them instead of their inner kindness and understanding. When you realize this you can better approach people who are in this mode. Approach them with kindness, with a open heart. Approach them a bit like a scared shivering dog who will bite you if you get close, but if you show the dog your kind and good will become your best friend.

Now, not everyone will respond the way you want them to respond even if you approach them with love, kindness and understanding. Some are too far deep in that protection mode. Still, knowing why they are acting the way they are might give you some more insight on how to better deal with them or the things they are putting out there. It might give you an advantage and opportunity to spread “a lotta love” and not more hate in the name of love.

 It also might protect you in a way. If someone you love or someone who is close to you lashes out know it’s not because they have turned evil or mean but because they are also trying to protect themselves and deal with everything happening in the world and most likely their personal and daily lives too.

 It’s gonna take a lotta love To get us thru the night.

I see this line as the night being the dark place COVID has brought us in. I see the ‘night’ as the rampant inequality, injustice and anti-kindness which is showing lately. As the lyrics says, how do we get past this? How do we overcome COVID, inequality and meanness? With “a lotta love.

Love means listening to other people, it means being kind to other people and listening to what they have to say. It means wearing a mask not because you are susceptible COVID but because other people are. 

It’s gonna take a lotta love To make things work out right.

I’m going to use this last line as closing to this blog post. I think you get what I am saying in my last explanations. I think things will work out right, but it’s gonna take a lotta love and a lotta patience. 

It’s a hard time for many of us but we are all in this together. We can’t control a pandemic but we can be kind and that kindness, from smiling to a cashier to wearing a mask, is key roll in making the world a little brighter and the world a little safer. 

Thank you for reading everyone! Love and Light to you all and until tomorrow.

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