365 Kindness: Year 1, Day 26

Hello everyone,

It is such a snowy morning where I am. All the branches are covered with a thick layer of snow and big fluffy snowflakes are falling.

It's quite pretty.

Today's post will be more of a story than an article.

As, I sit here writing and looking out my window I feel quite calm watching the snow falling. This was not the case a mere 30 minutes ago.

Image taken here: https://globalnews.ca/news/4950323/winnipeg-residents-frustrated-by-windrows-blocking-driveways-and-sidewalks/

I woke up and looked outside, my first thought was how pretty it was but very soon anxiety kicked in and I forgot how pretty it was. All I could think of was how it would be hard to drive and that I really wanted to get out of the house today. I thought about I needed to get dressed and eat super fast before the plow came, my heartbeat picked up. I then thought about my parents coming home from a trip and how they might be very delayed again and a sense of worry that they might be delayed again and be upset also mixed in to my previous worry.

I sat down and took a couple calm breaths, I looked back outside and saw those peaceful snowflakes and I realized there is no crisis right now, there is no rush, there is nowhere I need to be.

Sometimes we get overwhelmed with these rules we put on ourselves. Rules or anxieties with no solid reasoning.

So this is your reminder, when anxiety rises, take a moment, see why you are so anxious and then be kind to yourself and let it go.

Image taken here: https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/32114/8-beautiful-snow-scenes-literature

Take a moment to appreciate what is currently happening and be fully present. Take a deep breath and release the worries. Life is truly more beautiful than it is ugly and scary even though sometimes the bad and the ugly can be all we think of.

Love and Light to you all and until tomorrow.

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