365 Kindness: Year 1, Day 41-51 (Rapid Fire Countdown)

You thought I was gone? Think again. Welcome to Day 41-51 Rapid Fire Countdown style!

I think the name explains it all so let's start at #10 (by the way these are not in order of best to worst!)

10) "86-year-old man teaches himself to knit so he can give 300 hats to premature babies" (Yes it's as cute as it sounds.) Find it here.

Image Taken here: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/georgia-grandfather-86-knit-woolly-hats-premature-babies-cancer-a7432621.html?fbclid=IwAR3U6cjq2n6wCiuXsKImlnlgeZm7OqVt_tsJx0Yl4dVNg0Dtiatmjjv4WgU

9) A story on a pay it forward coffee chain. This time it's not at timmies (AKA Tim Horton's in Canada) it's at Starbucks. Full Story here.

8) Apparently it's random a t of kindness week? I swear it seems to be a thing! More here.

7) These adorable students who are rocking kindness week. More here. Also is it just me or their picture in the news looks like a heart shape?

Image taken here: https://www.dailypress.net/news/local-news/2020/02/kindness-is-the-rule-at-soo-hill-school/

6) Just a little story on Kindness Hockey Ninja's! Full story here.

5) Apparently Harry Styles (Former 1Direction member) has a song on kindness? More here. (Trigger warning they talk about serious mental health disorders)

4) A Magical bridge and a kindness ambassador. It's not a fairytale I assure you. More here.

3) Meet Sandwich Lady. A real superhero. More here.

2) A 4 year old kindness superstar. More here.

Image Taken here: https://www.cornwalllive.com/news/cornwall-news/four-year-old-boy-sweeps-3865548

1) And last but not least a compilation of random acts of kindness from Surrey News. Find it here.

And that's the end of our countdown folks! Phew, that was fun!

Love and Light to you all and until tomorrow.

***Don’t forget! You can nominate someone or something for me to feature by sending me an email at mayalemairemail@gmail.com ! My goal is to feature someone at least once a week!


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