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365 Kindness: Year 1, Day 8 - Dr Stephanie de Haas

Hello everyone!

I am excited to feature my first person for the 365 Kindness project! If you are new to this project I do my best to find someone who spreads Kindness, empowerment or inspiration in what they do and then feature them here on my website. I usually do this once a week.

I do my best to feature people from a wide range of backgrounds and professions because I believe kindness, empowerment and inspiration are present everywhere, you only need to look a bit more closely and listen in order to find it.

Today I am going to be featuring Dr Stephanie de Haas. I will let her introduce herself below!


Photo Provided to me by Owner Dr Stephanie de Haas. She owns the right to this picture.

My name is Dr Stephanie de Haas. I was born and raised in Ottawa, and have recently started my practice here as a chiropractor. I am a young, female entrepreneur. My day to day life is shared between being in clinic with my patients, doing the behind-the-scenes paperwork that comes with starting a business, reaching out to local small businesses to build relationships, updating my chiropractic social media pages, creating content for my Spinal Health conferences, studying to specialize as a Pediatric Chiropractor, and more! Being an entrepreneur requires an enormous amount of work, but the results speak for themselves! Having someone become a patient of mine and experience less back pain and better general health is my end goal. When that happens, I know that my efforts are all worthwhile!

In this segment of the 365 Kindness Project, I will talk about kindness and empowerment towards entrepreneurs and small business owners.

To reach me, you may visit https//  and follow my Instagram account @dr.stephaniedehaas

Question 1: What does the word/sentiment of Kindness mean to you? 

To me, kindness means treating someone’s intentions with respect. It means seeing and understanding how someone feels about a certain situation, and catering to that specific feeling, instead of your own. It is to decipher a need in someone, and to validate it and respond to it, without making your own agenda the priority. For example, when I start my consultation with a new patient, I find out exactly what they are looking for in my services (whether it is a goal of short-term pain relief or of long-term spinal maintenance), and I honor their intention. Kindness means to understand that the other person has their own priorities and beliefs, and not to try to alter them to fit with your own.

Questions 2: What do you do to implement Kindness in your life and/or How has Kindness affected you (ex: in your life, job. relationships, day to day life etc.)

***Please note that for this questions the person/project who is being featured was told they could pick one part of this question or answer more than one/all of the parts of this question.

With my patients, I implement kindness by truly understanding their intentions, and validating them. No two patient has the same history and the same goals, and everyone deserves to be understood.

In my role as an entrepreneur, I implement kindness by supporting other small businesses. I can appreciate the work it takes to run a small business, and I always try to chose a small business when making a purchase (gym, aesthetics, gifts, etc). I also team up with small businesses to promote each other’s work on social media.

4. What do you do to share/increase kindness in the lives of people around or people you communicate with.

I always take the time to listen to the people around me, whether it is a patient, a family member, a friend or another small business owner. Also, I always try to include someone if I see they are somewhat left out of a situation. Whenever I see someone posting something positive on social media (a life event, a bold selfie or an encouraging message), I make a point to like it and comment on it!

5. What is one message you think the world currently needs to hear?

Pay attention to every person you meet, because everyone has something unique and positive to offer. Make an effort to find the best qualities in the people that surround you, and encourage those positive features about them.

6. Is there anything else in the realm of empowerment, inspiration or kindness you would like to share? (I.e something you read, something you wanted to add about what you do, a resource people can use in their struggles or journey’s, a piece of advice you think is essential to know, etc.)

See the positives of every situation, and of every person! Listen kindly to others, and make sure you are heard too. Support small businesses, because the entrepreneurs behind them are working so hard to be able to offer you their services!


That's it for this first Guest Post. Thank you to Dr Stephanie De Haas for answering these questions and if you like what you read don't forget to visit her Here.

Also feel free to comment or share this post, you can also join the Facebook group where all discussions are welcome (as long as they are respectful and kind) and where all bonus content is shared!

Love and Light to you all and until tomorrow.

***Don’t forget! You can nominate someone or something for me to feature by sending me an email at ! My goal is to feature someone at least once a week!

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