365 Kindness: Year 1, Day 85 - Guest Post, Susan Allan: Part 2

Hello everyone!

I am excited to feature another person for this 365 Kindness project! If you are new to this project, I do my best to find someone who spreads Kindness, empowerment or inspiration in what they do and then feature them here on my website. I usually do this once a week.

I do my best to feature people from a wide range of backgrounds and professions because I believe kindness, empowerment and inspiration are present everywhere.

Today I am going to be Sharing part 2 of Susan Allan's views on Kindness. Part 1 was published on March 11th, you can find it here.


Image provided by Susan

Is there anything else in the realm of empowerment, inspiration or kindness I would like to share?

Attitude is the only thing we have complete control over. I try to make mine one worth catching. Time is our greatest gift and we never know how much we will have. Spending as much time as possible in the present moment and really being there and aware is empowering. This is the biggest gift my relationship with horses has given me and one I try to give others.

Learning from others is so important and in that vein reading educational, motivational and

inspirational messages interspersed with what we need to read. While it is not practical to keep the bad or unpleasant facts of life out, making sure that we take in more positive on balance helps to keep life in better focus.

“People come into your life for a reason or a season”. We learn from everyone. We don’t keep everyone.

Practice the theory that every time you say yes to something, you are saying no to something

else - and that can hurt the people and causes you care about.

Being nice is good. Being kind is better. Being grateful is best.

Photo of first dementia volunteer group training (photo provided by Susan)

What does Kindness mean to me?

“The quality of being friendly, generous and considerate.” Kindness is a feeling, one that fills

your body and spirit. It seems right without trying to be right. Kindness is a gentle sort of love that is easy to share and has a ripple effect. Kindness is unconscious giving with no thoughts of getting.

What do I do to implement Kindness in my life/How has Kindness affected me?

Kindness has affected my whole life in more ways than perhaps I will ever know. Small

kindnesses such as sharing food, giving me flowers or including me and my family have

changed my attitude when things were tough, scary or overwhelming. Large kindnesses such as a tax man helping to find a way to get me much needed farm status when that was not his mandate or a friend insisting she do extra work so I can spend time with others who need me and truly meaning that she wants me to “do me” without guilt. A daughter who years ago, secretly paid in advance for a rare massage for me so when I actually booked it, the benefits still are with me to this day. So very many different types of kindnesses have been bestowed upon me that I believe they have taught me that kindness changes the world - it certainly has mine.

Photo provided by Susan

Implementing Kindness is a goal in my life. To encourage others to be kind. To try to honour

the absent. To make a positive difference to someone every day, through words or actions, and not through trying but through being authentic and being kind. To be friendly to all even when it is not cool or comfortable for my companions. Showing generosity of time and spirit even when it isn’t part of a successful business model. Recognizing the privilege of having the opportunity to be kind, being grateful for it and sharing it as best I can.

It is my great good fortune to live on a farm that I feel is far too much for one family. Having a business there to help keep it viable is one thing, it is the opportunity to have others share it that is the most wonderful part of this aspect of my life. It is through Willaway that I feel the most able to implement Kindness…and the different ways keep appearing and growing!


That's it for this Guest Post. Thank you Susan for your wonderful insight over these two posts.

Next week we talk to Donna Lea Bowman in our guest post segment!

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Love and Light to you all and until tomorrow.

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