365 Kindness: Year 1, Day 99, 100, 101, 102

Hello everyone!!

Can you believe it's been over 100 days of 365 Kindness! WOW! When I started this I had the intention to do this for a long, long time, but passing 100 days seems like such a milestone!

Without further ago let's jump in the last couple days of kindness.

1) An interesting post on being kind to essential workers during COVID-19 and how the phrase "the customer is always right might be now outdated". As someone who used to work in retail and now still works in customer service (mostly over the phone and by email) I can attest that taking a minute to be kind to someone in customer service means A LOT. Many people will blame you for things you cannot control and you must keep a smile and polite appearance. It can be hard an draining so if you find a way to take a second and be kind to a customer service employee take it from me, it does not go unnoticed.

Full story here.

2) How a local food eatery started a chain of kindness to our "essential workers" who let's be honest are true heroes. Full story here.

3) How firefighters are putting smiles on people's faces. Click here to find out more.

4) A short text on kindness titled "Outbreak of kindness". A quick yet short read which can be found here.

That's it for today!

Love and Light to you all and until tomorrow.

***Don’t forget! You can nominate someone or something for me to feature by sending me an email at mayalemairemail@gmail.com ! My goal is to feature someone at least once a week!



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