A Weird Dream with a Good Message

I'm exhausted today, it's a mix of things. Some from social media, some personal, some because of health issues I am currently dealing with. Anyways, even though I am bone dead tired I've been restless when I try to sleep. On my second attempt to sleep I got one of those dreams where you keep trying to wake up but you can't. Basically every time think you've waken up and open your eyes you actually haven't and are still dreaming. Then this anxiety comes because you can't wake up and each attempt doesn't work. Hopefully that makes sense and has happened to others! Anyways, as I am stuck in this awful dream cycle, my mom suddenly appears in my dream (though I think it was my subconscious appearing as my mom) and this is the in dream exchange word for word. Mom/Subconscious: "Do you believe in ghosts?" Me in the dream: What? - as a wave of anxiety and panic washed over me- Mom/Subconscious: "Because one is haunting your thoughts right now and you need to let them go" Me in the dream: "Love and light, I let you go, the power of christ compels you" -- Wakes up for real -- Now, the last part is kind of funny, especially since my dream self used the exorcist movie line when I never saw the movie and I am not overly religious either haha. The Love and Light thing is something personal and has some back story to it which I won't go into right now. What I found so interesting is the "Because one is haunting your thoughts right now and you need to let them go" line in the dream. All the things we see in our days to days lives can haunt us. Like a Ghost you might not see them or even realize they are there but they are weighing on you and causing you anxiety, pain and suffering. I want to share the message my subconscious gave me today to you all to encourage you to see if you are also carrying ghosts and not realizing it. Then I want to encourage you to let them go. It's not as easy said than done, I am still struggling with it. But the first step is realizing it, and hopefully this posts has helped some of you with that step. Take care of yourselves!

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