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Book Review: Chosen (Gem Creek Bears #1) by Jennifer Snyder

Book Title: Chosen (Gem Creek Bears #1)

Author: Jennifer Snyder

Published Date: January 23rd 2020

Number of Pages: 128

Book Rating: 2 stars

Book Description:

Sometimes escaping the past leads to finding the future.

On the run from her ex-boyfriend, Tris Abbott finds herself at Gem Creek Campground. A place that unexplainably feels like home, but holds secrets. It’s here Tris’s world flips upside down when she learns shifters are real and she’s chosen to save them.

Before she can come to terms with the supernatural world she’s been introduced to, her past catches up.

Face-to-face with her ex again, Tris must decide between fight and flight. Round two will be different though, because this time she knows what her ex is—a shifter.


This book wasn't bad. It a good quick read. It just doesn't have a lot of development in terms of plot of characters and was a bit rushed and very very short. I see this book almost as a pilot episode of a 30 minute sit com TV show. Except without the laughs or endearing characters.

There is a death, a set up for maybe more, a base for a possible romance. The thing is I don't think I got enough in this book to be attached to the plot, setting or characters. There is also already one death which I am not sure should have happened so fast. There was no lead up to the death. It just kind of abruptly happened.

The whole book was like this, everything happened so fast, and by the time the book ended I was like, "wait. It's over? It barely even started yet".

Because of all this I won't continue with the series. I am just not invested in the story. I think there is a chance the next book picks up and everything falls into place but I don't care enough to keep reading and find out.

I think you could enjoy this, if you want something quick to read and don't care it's short or rushed. I didn't read book 2 but maybe the second book goes deeper and it turns the book from 2 stars to a 2 stars? I can't tell you. All I can say was that when I finished reading I was a bit disappointed with all that could have happened and didn't with me reading and flipping the pages waiting for the moment when things clicked and the story came alive only for it never really doing so for me.

Quick disclaimed that I mention in many if not most of my reviews; this my personal opinion, everyone reads books differently and just because me or someone else doesn't like a book doesn't mean you won't like it or love it.

I think that is it for this review. Thanks for reading!

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