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Book Review: Fae Curse (Yew Queen #1) by Eve A. Hunt

Book Title: Fae Curse (Yew Queen #1)

Author: Eve A. Hunt

Published Date: January 3rd 2020

Number of Pages: 178

Book Rating: 2 stars

Book Description:

What do sexy fae lords, a vampire assassin, and a mysterious castle have in common?

Yours truly.

Yeah no, I did not plan this.

When my bestie and I opened a fabulous bakery, I planned to live a long life shoving pumpkin muffins into my face hole and working them off during my self-defense class. 

But when a castle full of ridiculously gorgeous immortals showed up on the ley line running through my small town outside Nashville, my life changed. 

A lot. Like a lot, a lot.

Because of an ancient curse, the immortals can’t leave the castle without turning to ash. But when the most powerful fae lord uses his seductive power to lure me close, to psychically feed on my aura, he successfully steps out of the castle for the first time. 

Now the fae want all of my supposedly special blood to break the curse. Until I can somehow shove the immortals back into whatever magical hole they crawled out of, my life is forfeit.

I have a plan. But said plan didn’t account for the insane feelings I’m starting to have for the alpha of the group…


This book had an interesting premise. But it fell a bit flat for me. It felt very rushed and a bit underdeveloped.

I think the fact that the book was underdeveloped is the main thing which made it fall flat. I didn't care for the characters, the plot was one I wasn't super invested in, and by the time the book was over It felt like just having read one half of a book of even a quarter of a book instead of having read a full book. It was a short book, so maybe if you read the second book you might get more attached to the characters and plot?

Anyways, I gave it a two stars because it wasn't good enough to be an average book (which is what 3 stars is for me), but it wasn't bad. I just didn't like the way the story progressed of the ending and I thought there was some missed opportunities to give the story more depth and maybe include more thought and emotion provoking moments. As I say in almost all my reviews this is my personal opinion. Not everyone reads a book and sees it the same way so maybe you will read and like it? Who knows.

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