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Book Review: Reaper's Blood(The Grimm Brotherhood #1) by Kel Carpenter and Meg Anne

Book Title: Reaper's Blood(The Grimm Brotherhood #1)

Author: Kel Carpenter and Meg Anne

Published Date: January 13th 2020

Number of Pages: 254

Book Rating: 3 stars

Book Description:

I died for Hostess cupcakes.

I know. Tragic, right?

Even worse, after I came back I still didn’t get any cupcakes.

What I did get, however, is a six-foot-something reaper with eyes like blue fire to guide me into the world of the supernatural. Which, as it turned out, wasn’t quite like the fairytales little girls are told growing up.

Not only is magic real, more importantly, so are monsters.

And apparently, I’m one of them.

But I’m getting ahead of myself here.

You see, four years ago I left my hometown and swore to never come back.

Now my brother is dead and I have no choice but to go searching for answers. Except finding them isn’t easy when the secret society he belonged to is covering it up.

I gotta find out who killed him while watching my own back, because if I’m not careful I might be next—and this time, there’s no do over. Luckily for me, Mr. Single and Hot as F*ck is determined to help me keep my ass alive.

I’m a lucky, lucky girl.

Some days.


Ok, so this books wasn't mind blowing fantastic. It was good. I enjoyed it, but I would recommend it for a quick fun read but I there is ups and downs in the plot and enjoyment of the book.

One good and bad thing was the MC. At first she got on my nerves, than she grew on me, than she got on my nerves again. She calls herself and "asshole" multiple times and there is a lot of times she is one. Think the brooding YA hero who thrives on making the girls blush and feel out of sorts but in girl form. It was an interesting take and fun to see the roles reversed but I am not sure I like an MC like that. I don't know what that says about me or our society when I LOVE a brooding male hero with the personality of the MC in the book but there it is.

Now, the MC was a bit over the top even for a classic "brooding, sarcastic heroine". In most books which has a male love interest with the personality the one in this book has there is moments where he is serious or deep and drops the act. The MC in this book was snarky te whole book to the point I was just craving some kind of serious moment from her. She took nothing seriously! Like I said at first she was annoying, then she grew on me, and when she didn't grow up and show a bit more emotions and vulnerability I started disliking her again.

Apart from the MC I am unsure about the love interest? Maybe it's because the MC was overpowering but he kind of fell flat to me. I won't say the name of the character as to not spoil things, but she makes out with someone and that person later expresses his feelings (again being vague as not to spoil anything), but the feelings he expresses are kind of thrown at us. Don't get me wrong it's hinted at that this character has these feelings but when he says what these feelings are there is no preamble. It's just like, I think xyz.

Some good things, there was so laugh out loud funny moments in this book. One scene near the start made me cry laughing and this does not happen often for me. I hadn't laughed that hard in years! There was other moments which made me snort or grin and a book that can make me laugh like that gets major brownie points!

I would have liked to seen more of the MC's powers and abilities and I don't say this often but more info on the world would have been good. There was not enough info dump in my opinion and more information, tension and suspense might have elevated this book for me.

The MC's best friend was probably the best character in this book. She is wild but she sometimes seemed to be the most level headed in the group, and let me tell you for me to say that is something as she is very much not level headed in the common sense of the phrase.

Thoughts on the end of the book. Like most indie books the ending could have been more polished and worked on. In this book the ending arrived fast, good thing? Maybe, because It means I finished the book fast and wasn't paying attention to how much percentage of the book was left on my kindle. Abrupt ending as a bad thing? Maybe because it came out of nowhere with no plot building up to it. By this I mean suddenly, bam, this intense thing is happening and which made me think, wait... come again? One of the main people in this ending had no foreshadowing whatsoever to make us guess what they would say/do. It was kind of just thrown on our lap.

How the end was "resolved" also disappointed me. I think it was supposed to be a cliffhanger? But to me it kind of put me off from reading the next book.

Overall it's a 3 star book. What does that mean to those who are new? 3 stars for me is average. It means the book was OK, not something which stood out too much but I enjoyed it.

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