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Book Review: Reckless Souls (Saints Academy #1) by K.C. Kean

Book Title: Reckless Souls (Saints Academy #1)

Author: K.C. Kean

Published Date: June 24th 2022

Format: Ebook

Number of Pages: 358

Book Rating: 4 Stars

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Book Description:

I’ve walked the streets of Phoenix Valley for twenty two years knowing exactly who I am - an orphan, a human, a nobody. Summoned by The Hex to test my humanity, I was prepared to fail, destined to be the same mundane girl …

I was wrong. Pandora’s Box called to me, sensing a magic I never knew existed. With my world turned upside down and full of possibilities, I must now call Paradise Heights home. To live amongst supernaturals, attend Saints Academy, and find my place.

Curiosity has me willing to give this a try, but the Elites of Saints Academy tempt to distract me, and that’s something I can’t afford. Xander is gruff, Khaos cold, Zen soothing, and Adonis … lives up to his name.

Angel, Demon, God, Vampire, Shifter. I could be anything, anyone. I have three years to figure out who I’m meant to be…

Let the countdown begin.


* Disclaimer: I start all my reviews with this disclaimer. I might not have liked a book but that doesn't mean you won't. We all read books differently based on personal opinions, personal preferences, personal life experiences, etc. Same goes for me loving a book, you might not feel the same way and that's completely OK! The beauty of reading is that no book will be read the same way. Hell, sometimes even reading a book a second time will make it hit completely differently or make me question why I liked it in the first place. All this to say, I hope that reading my reviews can help you learn more about the book and why I felt the way I did, and then help you decide based on your personal preferences if the book would be a good fit for you or not.

I really enjoyed this! It had all my favorite tropes, fated mates, various magical beings, some greek mythology, Academy setting, amazing BFF's and friendships. I also think the romance was well done for the most part, its slow burn in many ways just the way I like it. Not a huge fan of insta love.

The only thing which kind of rubbed me the wrong was the MC at times. I understand why she is so hesitant about opening herself up and I felt that the author was OK keeping it going for so long (I can connect to holding myself back so it's accurate that it would take time). What I didn't like was that her internal monologue about why she was staying back felt very repetitive and happened too much within the plot for my taste. It got boring after a while and made me want to skim the text. I would have preferred the author shortened that specific type of internal monologue after the first 1/4 or even 1/2 of the book or even just kept the length of those monologues but instead made it less frequent. That part of the story was very tell and not show. The author told us many times why she was holding back and how she felt that was. In my opinion they could have cut out a good half of those instances as the book progressed. Towards the end of the book if the event that got them together didn't happen when it did I think this book would have gone down to three. It was getting so frustrating! Especially when the boys were being so nice and she kept telling them literally to F- off. She actually never apologized for any of that but I digress.

I also hope to get more on all the characters in book 2. Book was all surface level of every character. You honestly don't know much about anyone even the MC in some ways. I am thinking maybe this was intentional to make us want to read book 2? If not I just hope we get more in the next book. It was frustrating the lack of depth we got on the characters in this book but not enough to turn me off. Just enough to put me on the edge of "Please author I need character depth!!! I have questions!" and "I just can't connect with anyone it's making it hard to like the story".

But again, as the review started this was a good read! There is a lot of potential for book two and I did really love the world the author built. I have questions and I want more which is again a sign of a good book. I also put book 2 in my calendar so It will remind me when the next book comes out which again is a testament to my enjoyment of it.

I would recommend you pick this up if you are looking for a good RH book with good world building!

Until next time,

Maya Lemaire

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