Chronicles of Ashley Tompson: Episode #2

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I bet you thought that was the eye opening moment, that I crashed, went to the hospital, thought over my life choices. I mean the

whole deer thing might have played a part in my rude awakening but what the day had in store next for me next would throw this near death experience out of my mind and make it seem almost like “normal” in comparison. Back to my story my dear diary, I thought I was going to shit my pants and then die, in that order, but luckily I didn’t.

The car stopped mere inches away from the deer who took one last look at me and then decided to saunter off. Well that’s great Mr or Mrs deer, great to choose the moment after we almost crashed into you to leave and maybe before so I could have stopped myself form having a near death experience.

I take a moment to catch my breath and look aside to see my mom do the same. We both seem thankfully uninjured.

“That must have been a sign Sweetie” she tells me with a shaky smile. “I mean, did you see the way he didn’t budge, the way he looked you right into the eye!”

I shake my head and let out a breathy laugh. “Ok mom, whatever you say.” While she seems lost in thought I take one last deep breath look around to see if there is any incoming cars on this small rural road and then I slowly maneuver the car back into it’s proper place on the road and drive forward slowly as I brush off some crushed chips from my clothes and hair.

“Look!” my mom says with excitement as we approach a small clearing which can be seen up ahead. I’m actually relieved to see it, after the whole deer thing there was nothing but winding roads with no signs of civilization for what seemed like hours! I thought it would never end!

“It’s a lovely clearing” I tell her “And look! There’s even a large boulder in there! Wow!”

“Cut the sarcasm Ashley.” My mom tells me “besides that boulder is actually quite important it belonged to an ancient group of indigenous people to this land, they would preform sacrifices here”

My blood chills and I get goosebumps. “Really?” I ask

“Nope,” My mom answer with one of her signature cheeky smiles “I made it up”

I roll my eyes and pull the car to a park inside the clearing. It really is just a clearing with two paths leading off into the forest but my mother assures me this is the place.

“Help me get my bags up the path please Ashley.” I get out of the car and stretch my legs a bit after the long drive and pop open the back to retrieve a couple of her bags while she takes the rest.

“Now which path is the right one?” My mom asks

A question I ask myself every day mom, I think to myself, Every fucking day

“Only one way to find out I guess.” She states simply “Listen to my intuition and pick the one that feels right at the moment.”

She closes her eyes for a second and the pops them open pointing to path on the right. “This one.” she says and she walks confidently toward it.

I follow her without question even though I like the idea of the left path, I just don’t have the energy to add a stupid decisions of what path to take to my already full mind bursting with choices and questions. It would take too much energy to argue about it.

We hike up the path for a solid 10 minutes before we see a sign which states we are heading the right way. Blair Mountain retreat center ahead, the sign says.

We walk another 5 minutes before we enter another clearing, this one I have to admit is pretty spectacular, there is a brook with crystal clear water, a gorgeous solid wood cottage, a fire pit with wooden stumps to sit on and all this surrounded my tall and strong trees.

“Ah, Were here” mom says with a sigh.

“Youpie! Can I go home now?” I ask. For some reason this beautiful and calming scenery was making me jittery and anxious.

“Sophia!” A voice shouts excitedly.

We both turn to see a women maybe 10 years older than my mom walk out from a small path on the opposite side of the clearing, funny I hadn’t seen it.

The women walks over to my mom and they hug and giggle like school girls. The women then turns to me and her eyes go glassy.

“You’re shadowed by Death” she says.

I’m what now?


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