Chronicles of Ashley Tompson: Episode #3

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The lady looks me up and down. “You are slowly killing yourself” she states plainly, like she hasn’t just said I am being stalked by death and it was because she thought I was suicidal. Who even was this women? “but I see something else, your aura is strong, you're soul is kind, and you have the potential for great things. But only if you release death’s hold, only is you stop subcoming to it. If you don’t find a way to release it’s hold on you soon, it will, destroy you.”

Ok, woowoo town, thanks but no thanks for the advice, I'm totally fine. I mean I struggle sometimes but being shadowed by death, slowly killing myself? P-lease.

Silence stretches as the woman keeps looking at me intently, I stand there fidgeting under her stare and my mom is looking between both of us her eye scrunched in either concentration or concern who can tell in this weirdo situation.

“Now!” says the women with a clap of her hands, jerking us all out of the weird moment. “Let’s get you settled in Sophia, Ashley you come along as well, I am sure you would like to rest a bit after a long drive.”

I’m about to say, thanks but no thanks, when I am cut short by my mom saying “We would both appreciate that Susan!” ok…. Guess I’m going deeper into ‘woowoo’ territory, I hope I make it out alive and don’t start slowly killing myself of sending death, my shadow, after unsuspecting victims.

“All right! It’s right over here.” My mom picks up her bags that she dropped to greet Susan and I haul the bags I’m still holding in the direction of the cottage, which we conveniently walk right past to go deeper into the woods. At this point I am so beyond the point of caring that I just go with it, not too deep into the woods we reach a smaller wood cabin, something which you might see at an overnight camp or something, behind it I faintly see a couple more placed sparsely throughout the forest.

“This will be your Cabin Sophia,” says Susan “I’ll let you drop your stuff and we can then have coffee at the main building where we first ran into each other.”

Mom quickly opens the door with and let’s out a contented sigh at the plain interior in blues and whites, with a very distinct ocean theme, it felt out of place for me in the middle of the forest but she was happy so I would not complain.

“Ashley, why don’t you follow me back to the cottage to help me with the coffee, the other women will be arriving soon so I have quite a lot to make.”

I hesitantly look at my mom who is still enamored with her little cabin, I don’t want to go with crazy Susan but I also don’t want to be rude.. hmmm dillema.

“This way,” Susan says not even letting me come up with a decent excuse, how rude.

I follow her back into the woods giving my mom a quick, see ya later which I think she barely registered. Things got hella weird from there, like we entered some weird alternate universe or something. As we start walking Susan stays very quiet, so I fall into my own thoughts, and my mind immediately goes to stressing about what I am going to do and eat when I leave here, about the drive back and how long and boring it will be, when I pause and my heart skips a beat. In front of me is a deer, a deer who looks eerily like the one who almost made us crash and die earlier, I’m staring at the deer when, Susan is all like, don’t mind him, and I swear the deer looked straight at Susan shook his head in acknowledgment and left. I was freaked for a bit but kept walking and fell back into my same thought patterns pretty quickly, we soon approach the main cabin, when we were a couple meters from the door Susan suddenly looks up at the tree above me and an instant later a bunch of small branches cascade on top of my head as I hear some small creature scurry through the trees above. I mumble choice words under my breath and quickly shake out all the twigs. Susan just looks at me sadly and enter the Cabin.

Once inside the cabin kitchen, Susan asks me to set some cups on the table, I am contemplating running away from Susan and going back to my mom since she makes me really uncomfortable and I am getting the jitters, but as soon as the thought crosses my mind I trip on air the mugs I am holding shatter across the floor.

Susan makes a “tsking” sound as she goes into a nearby cupboard and picks up a broom “This will continue to happen to you until you accept what I’m saying.” She says as she starts casually sweeping up the shards of ceramic “This is a sacred sacred which enhances energy, combine that with how you’re spirit guides are getting tired of sending you signs you don’t see and you will get many many more, more powerful signs manifesting around you.”

I try to not to let my expression show what I think of all that, she really had to stop with this shit, It was getting old, so a weird deer appeared, and branches fell on my head, and I dropped a tea cup, and all those might have happened when I had gloomy thoughts. It was a bad luck day that was all, It was not a “sign” of death shadowing me, it was the universe telling me to get out of this crazy town.

“Thank you for the advice I tell her but….” Before I can politely tell her to shove it the window bursts open and the dang deer pushes his head into the kitchen, the deer opens it’s mouth a pieces of some dead animal flop onto the kitchen floor, then the deer looks me right into the eye, hold my gaze for a good 10 seconds, flashes me his teeth which scream the death of some small creature and then yanks his head back out the window and dispersal.

“Oh Henry, what a mess you made” Susan says looking fondly at the now empty window. Henry? And weren’t deer vegetarians or herbivores or whatever that word was? I feel my connection to reality splinter slightly as my head rushes and I desperately look for some place to sit and spots appear in my vision.


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