Money, Fame, Joy

Can someone tell me where the balance is between money, fame and joy? I feel like this question is a lot more complex than people might think.

Here is how I feel about it. I do what I do because I like it, social media and success on social media gives me anxiety to be honest, yet I still always come back to it because I feel, and I know it can be used as a tool for good and positive change.

As you might already know if you are on my website, I'm a writer. I call myself an empowerment advocate and creative soul because I am much more than a write but writing is the example I will use for today.

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Now writing isn't easy. It's countless house of work and includes it's fair share of breakdowns. But I do it because I love it and most of the time it fills up my inner well of well being. Most authors have a goal to be a full time author, to make money from their craft. While the idea of being a full time author is appealing to me what my biggest goal is to empower people with my stories, teach people with my stories, and make people happy with my stories.

So here is what I constantly debate. Am I being a good empowerment advocate if I am still making money and I maybe eventually gain some kind of following for my work and actions?

In a way money makes the world go round. That sucks to say but it's true. Money is entrenched in our society, to make a book you need money. So consequently you need to sell your books to be able to make more books, sell products to be able to invest money in helping others or helping charities.

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Money has to come from somewhere, apart from winning a lottery money takes an output of effort, passion and talent, so again we are back to selling things and asking for money in return for what we do even if we love it.

I have a long way to go with balancing money making with empowerment but I am working on it. Working on balancing free products and content, with paid content, with a sliding scale for people who are in need.

Here is who I am looking up to at this moment, while I write this.

Mr. Rogers.

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There is a movie which just came out called "A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood" When I first saw the movie I was quite upset. I didn't know why but that night I felt all off. I still don't why I felt that way but I warming up to the movie.

For example, the movie is about how no one is perfect. Mr. Rogers worked on being the best and most kind version of himself. Mr. Rogers was also quite wealthy and well known but that didn't stop him from being kind, empowering and benevolent to others.

This is what I am going off of. I want to be a Mr.Rogers. I want to have a goal of helping others and should fame or money come from this I won't be scared for it but thank the powers that be for my blessings and try to pass along what I have and what I am blessed with with others.

I shouldn't be afraid of success, no one should. If you are coming at it from the right place than good things will come from it.

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So, I am excited to jump into promoting my work and the things I am proud of, I will charge for the things I work hard on and put countless of hours in and whatever I get from it I will make sure to pass it along to people I see who need it.

What are you're thoughts on this? Let me know!

Love and light my friends, and until next time.

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