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Book Review: Possession (Curse of the Draekon #2) by Samantha Britt

Book Title: Possession (Curse of the Draekon #2)

Author: Samantha Britt

Published Date: August 31st 2018

Number of Pages: 302

Book Rating: 3 - 3.5 stars

Book Description:

Lissa's brother is a traitor to the crown, and her parents are leaders of the violent rebellion.

Now, Lissa is alone in the capital, and she is forced to face life as the rumored concubine of the two princes.

When King Roderick's returns to Draek, Lissa flees from Court with the broody Prince Brion by her side.

But her journey isn't useless.

Lissa learns about ancient prophecies and prejudices which may be the key to saving humankind from King Roderick's oppressive rule. If only she could enlist the help of the overshadowing prince, she may be able to save her siblings from the hands of the oppresive king.


I liked this one both less than the first book and more than the first book. What I didn't like as much is the fact that there was WAY too much recap of the last book. It's always great to have a recap hidden within the first chapters of a second book. Some people do this amazingly and it feels like the re-cap is part of the the sequels story. Some are less good at this and it's a bit of an info dump or feels out of place to the books context.

In this case is was 100% info dump. It was like reading someone's recap of the first book for the first maybe 10-15 pages instead of it actually being a sequel to the first book.

It got better but even in the last chapter of the book we still had some info dump about the book before. Every time it jarred me out of the story.

Without the info dump this might have been a 3.5-4 star book but because it was throughout the entire book and super jarring when it did happen it brought this down closer to a 3.

What made this book better than the first one? In the first one it dragged a bit at some moments. This one had much more engaging plot and some plot twists I found myself loving!! Many of the "plot twists" I had an inkling about for a long time but it was nice to see it confirmed.

I also loved how the romance action started in this one!! I am all for those kisses and sexy times especially in this type of context (you will understand when you get there).

The siblings are due to appear again and I am conflicted on this. I mean I didn't love them in the first book and they seem to only slow the MC down but we shall see what happens.

The ending of this book like the first one was not super defined. It seems more like something a chapter would end on? It was better than the first books ending but still would of liked a bit more oumph!

Saying that I already downloaded the third and final book and I am excited to read it!

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