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Rating System for Book Reviews

Hi everyone, just a quick post with information on my rating system. Not everyone perceives star ratings the same so this is a guide to see what it means when I rate something 1-5 stars. :)


1 Star = I really did not like this book. I have some major problems with it (i.e could be writing, problematic content, etc). I would not recommend it at all.

2 Star = I did not like this book. Maybe someone might but for me there was too much I personally couldn't get on board with. I wouldn't recommend it to a friend.

3 Star = This book was average. Not great, not bad. I would recommend to specific people but it's not very high up on my list. Nothing wrong with it at all, it just didn't hit me hard enough to rank higher.

4 Star = I loved this book! I made me feel all the things, and I would recommend you read it! It went above and beyond and I am so happy to have read it. It wasn't "perfect"for me but was pretty darn close!

5 Star = This book ranks up there with the best books I have ever read (in some cases new all time favorites). I have no big complaints, I LOVED IT! I would recommend everyone and their mother reads this like right now!!

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