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Review: Freed (Curse of the Draekon #3) by Samantha Britt

Book Title: Freed (Curse of the Draekon #3)

Author: Samantha Britt

Published Date: July 20th 2019

Number of Pages: 382

Book Rating: 1-2 stars


Secrets. Prophecies. Royalty.

Abducted and stolen from Draekon for fear of her life, Amelissa is thrown into the elven world. Alone and ignorant of the strange world, Lissa pretends to be a human. All is quiet as she takes the opportunity to learn more about her mysterious royal mother, but peace can never last forever.

The rebellion is on the move, and the oppressed people grow more desperate to overthrow King Roderick and end his unjust reign. They attack the king's army with skill and effectiveness, and Lissa can't help but fear for the safety of her siblings and a certain Draekon prince.

When news of their danger reaches her, Lissa has no choice but to venture back to Draekon and try to stop another war from breaking out.

Will Lissa be able to keep her loved ones safe?

Or is she doomed to lose all she cares for in the battle for equality on Draekon?


GAHHH! I need to release my anger at this book! So this is the last book and I expected things which angered me in book one and two to wrap up. But they didn't!

Also the synopsis is very deceiving. It hints at tension and world building which the book is seriously lacking. There is no exploring in depth the life of the rebels and the world building could have used a lot of help too. This is supposed to be a world on the brink of war but it was mostly Lissa getting another 3 marriage proposals. I'm all for romance but come on.

Other things which frustrated me, Info dump galore, I had to skim many a page. So many things which were hinted at or explained which play no part in the plot. Many of these things could have been super cool to explore. For example, the fact she has water abilities but literally uses them only once in the entire book for no good reason. There is a person at Erwin's court which might know her secret. She says multiple times, I don't trust her, I will need to let Erwin know, but after that scene we never see that character again!

Another thing which was super frustrating. ALL the book and in the previous books people train Lissa how to fight, again and again and again. They tell her multiple times you will need to fight for your life. At the end of the book during the fight however she runs and doesn't fight at all! Not one used of her powers except strength to lift a tree limb off someone. I wanted some kind of kick ass fight scene of something! After all that training!

Lissa's personal growth in this last book was seriously lacking.

Other questions and frustrations:

  • What was the "friends" she made on the island doing there? It makes no sens, the battle came from the Avelin capital yet somehow her friends who are in no way soldiers and live on a secluded island are in the middle of the battle?

  • Where were the humans they recruited in the last census during the battle?

  • When death comes at her she just waits for it to hit her. If Erwin could move from his position to block the blow she could have as well with all her abilities. Basically her inaction killed Erwin.

  • Erwin deserved so much better!!! I hate how he ended. It could have been a much more noble or thought out death.

  • Many other needless deaths in the last scene which did nothing to further the plot.

  • Fight scene was more verbal fight than actually fighting.

  • She talks so much about Calidri in every single book yet at the end there is no mention if she freed them or what happened there.

  • There was a serious lack of romantic development with Lissa and Brion. There was some kissing but I wanted so much more than what we got.

  • She promises multiple times to mention the kiss with Fin but never does.

  • It end with her being pregnant. It seems like such a cop out ending.

  • The whole poisoning the princess thing was never even hinted at.

Ok, so there is my thoughts. I guess with all these things which frustrated me the characters I used to like went down in my esteem as many of them (excluding Erwin) became super frustrating!

If I had to say which book in this series was best it would be book two.

Would I still recommend this series? Well, I did finish all three books and I haven't finished a series in forever. That's saying something about being intrigued enough to keep reading and or in general a good writing style. So maybe you will like. However, having finished all three books it wouldn't be high on my recommendation list.

I think this author has A LOT of potential, I think if certain elements and world building issues were fixed it would have been an amazing series.

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