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The Feyre Doll - Progress and finished piece

Something important to know about me is that I love art and crafts! One of my latest pieces is a Feyre Doll from the series ACOTAR (aka A course of Thorns and Roses).

If you haven't read ACOTAR you can find more about it here.

Materials used for this project:

  • Felt

  • Doll eyes

  • embroidery thread

  • sewing thread

  • needle

  • black fabric

  • sheer fabric

  • lace

  • black cord

  • blush

  • gemstones

  • metal cord

This project took a long time! These pictures don't really show the extent of it all but every piece was hand stiched and some pieces took multiple try's.

Step 1: Cutting the basic pieces

Step 2: Making the head

Step 3: The body

Step 4: The arms, legs and underwear

Step 5: Skipping to finished product.

That's it. Please comment below your thoughts or suggestions for my next art project!

All the best,


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