The Rebel Moon: Serial book by Maya Lemaire - Chapter 1

It had been three years now since I found out my best friends were paranormal creatures. It didn’t make holding my tongue any easier.

“so how was homework last night?” I ask Sarah.

“Oh you know.” She says waving it off. “Boring as hell but it had to be done.” 

“umhmm.” I say. I bet the full moon made it a real bitch to study. Wolf paws had to be a pain when typing an essay on your computer. 

“So, what did you end up doing?” she asks. 

Sarah was a master deflector when it came to werewolf questions, but then so was Mike, I guess it came with the territory. 

“I had a very intimate night with Joey Tribbiani.” 

“Was Ross, Rachel, Pheobe, Chandler and your TV set also there?” 

“You know it. The best kind of sixsome.” 

Sarah Laughs. “That’s not a thing. I don’t even think it’s anatomically possible.” 

“Well” I say “If you put one leg…” 

“Good lord, stop.” Sarah says with a shudder. 

I laugh as rearrange my text books in my arms.

Sarah’s phone dings and she takes it out, quickly scanning over a text. 

“I have to go to history. Someone from my study group has a question for me.” 

“No problem.” I say. 

“Catch you later?” Sarah asks. 

“Of course, you dork. We have math together in like 2 hours.” 

Sarah sticks her tongue out at me before turning and making her way down the hall. She drops a pencil a couple steps later and catches it with lightning fast reflexes before looking around casually to see if anyone saw. 

She doesn’t look back to me. She never does. Before she saunters off and turns the corner. Her long brown curls bouncing behind her small waist. 

The fact I didn’t find out about her and Mike earlier sometimes made me feels stupid. Then I remind myself that they have everyone else fooled and my ego is much soothed. 

The three of us had been friends since 2nd grade, so it took me what, 8 years to notice? I wouldn’t have noticed either if I hadn’t caught Sarah shifting behind the school after one very late football game and Mike pulling her into the forest like it was an everyday occurrence. After that it only took a week of observing to know without a doubt that Mike was one too. The boy acted like a damn puppy 80% of the time. 

I make my way down the corridor biting my lower lip. Part of me still wanted to let them know I knew. At first there just never seemed to be a good time to bring up the fact that they were hairy mythological creatures. Than the first time I tried to bring it up a fly flew in my mouth chocking me. The curse continued every time I got the guts to say something.

 Like the time I dressed up as a sexy werewolf for Halloween and planned to say, hey, I am not disgusted by your furry nature, look at me, I am too hot to care. But then I got to the party and the fur on my costume caught fire leaving me with minor burns and looking like a scary zombie instead. 

The worse attempt must have been when I casually started a Team Jacob debate and then went into a ‘possible scenario’ where I pretended werewolves were real and argued on how it would advance society. It was maybe half a year after I found out, and both Sarah and Mike had debated hard that there was no such thing. I might have pushed it a bit too far and from then on I knew I had to keep it to myself. 

What they were didn’t change our friendship, and from their expressions during the debate, one of pure frustration and desperation, it might cause more damage than good if I let the fact I knew the truth slip out.

 They had acted weird for a whole month after that debate until my clueless act had lulled them back into a sense of security and our normal friend pattern returned. 

So I kept my mouth shut and when I wanted to blurt it out I remembered that day and made up stories to dissuade myself from blurting it out. My go to lately was, trying to convince myself there was some paranormal monster law that said that if I knew what they were they would need to kill me or something. It seemed absurd but then again, so does the idea of werewolves existing.

“Hey Lucy wait up!” Says a masculine voice behind me. 

My mouth lifts up in a small smile. I would know that devilishly husky voice anywhere. 

“Luce!” Mike says as he catches up to me. “Where’s the fire”

I resist the urge to roll my eyes. Like he couldn’t run three laps of the school before I made it the 10 feet to the staircase.

“No fire, unless you count the fact that Miss Brundel can literally light me on fire in our lab today if I am late.” 

“Oh, I did that lab with my teacher a couple weeks ago. Stay away from the burner oil and tie your hair up. Also take a lot of notes.” he says 

I laugh. Mike might look like a model and have the husky voice of a bar singer but he was secretly a huge nerd. 

“You got it mr study wiz.” I say punching his arm playfully. 

“Hey!” Mike says “Didn’t see you complain when Mr study wiz here helped you get an amazing grade in your statistics course last year.”

“Ya, I guess I can give you that one. But my undying gratitude for your help in that class is close to it’s death.” 

“Nope. It can’t be, it’s undying.” Mike says pointedly.

“Not with I have planned” I say with a smirk. 

Mike just shakes his head. “I don’t even want to know what’s going in your evil little head.”

The bell rings and I speed up my pace.

“See you after school?” Mike says walking back wards in the opposite direction. “I think we decided on the pizza cafe?” Mike asks. 

“Yep. As I still have no driving license Sarah will be driving me.”

“I’ve said it before and I will say it again. The driving test guy did us all a favor keeping you off the road. I need to get him a trophy”

“F-u Mike” I say as I give him the finger and walk to my class. I hear his chuckle as I turn the corner. A smile of my own on my lips.


“So then, Felicia flaunts her way up to Jules and accidentally drops her book.” 

“Ugh.” I say 

Mike looks at us both confused his 5th slice of pizza halfway to his mouth. I had to say I had been relieved after I found out what they were. For the longest time I thought Mike and Sarah would die from obesity. Now I had a strong sense of why they ate so much and how they stayed so damn skinny and attractive. 

“I don’t get it” Mike says drawing me back into the conversation. 

I drop my fork which I had playing with on the seat between me and Mike. 

“Ooops,” I say with a low pitch tone. I bend down to get it and then look up at Mike, cleavage on full display. “I am so clumsy.” I pick up the fork, and put it against my bottom lip gently biting it. 

Mike blushes. “Get up freak. I get it now” 

I perk back up and look at Sarah. We both burst out laughing. 

“I don’t think Felicia pulling that move.” Mika says still not looking me in the eyes. “Will do anything. Jules is already with Cassandra, that’s not changing.” His tone said he was quite sure about that. 

“I know.” Sarah says. “But the way she just throws herself at boy’s, ma.. relationship or not makes me ill.” and there was another slip up I would never get to the bottom of. Sarah had this look when she almost spilled the beans on anything werewolf. A look I have come to know quite well. 

“The way I see it, yes, she’s a bitch, the whole school knows that. But until she comes after my man or your man. I say we leave her be.” 

It’s Mike’s turn to laugh. “Neither of you have had a man for the entire of senior year.” 

“Ya, well, after Robert Lopher I am still in a bit of trauma when it comes to boys.” I shudder at the memory of our first and last kiss. The guy had a saliva issue which was really at odds with his wonderful personality. 

“Fine.” Mike says “I’ll give you that but Sarah here has no excuse.” Mike says giving her a meaningful look.

“I’m also traumatized by Lucy’s relationship.” Sarah says with a smirk. Biting in to her sixth slice of pizza. 

“Yes, we can all be traumatized by my relationships.” I mutter “Are you guys almost done because I think they might run out of pizza at the rate your going.” 

Sarah blushes and Mike looks away a small smile curving his lips. 

“Ya, I’m done. I always suprise myself with how much I can eat.” She says with nervous laughter. I hold in yet another eye roll at her lame lie and simply say. 

“Watch out girl, some would kill for your metabolism.” 

“Don’t I know it. I am blessed.” she says. 

Both Sarah and Mike’s phones take that moment to bing. They both look at each other before picking up their phones. Their expressions falling as they read the text. 

Sarah is the first to recover. “I need to finish that project I started last night. Are you cool with me dropping you home now? We can rain check our movie night until later.” she says looks at Mike and back at me. 

“Sure. No problem” I say. Thought honestly it was times like these when I most wanted them to know I knew. It was times like these were it was literally painful trying to keep my curiosity at bay and not do something stupid like follow them to their secret werewolf business. 

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