The Rebel Moon: Serial book by Maya Lemaire - Chapter 3

“You’re Alpha? That sounds… not fun” I say truthfully. 

I wait for them to correct me and let me know, it will be fine, he is cool dude and he will just make you promise to keep your mouth shut. Unfortunately that reassurance doesn’t come. 

“Alright, than let’s go” Mike says, leading the way without a backwards glance. 

Sarah wraps her arm around me, “It will be ok, I won’t let him hurt you.” 

“Mike didn’t seem to share that opinion.” I say 

“It could go one of many ways but Alpha John is just and fair.” 

“Then why the worry?” I ask as we follow Mike through the woods. 

“Werewolves take the safety of their pack very seriously. Many do not take loose ends well, especially if that loose end is a human…” Sarah says trailing off. 

I gulp. Point taken. I trusted Sarah and Mike, I would trust them with my life, but this seemed like it might be bigger than them. If my werewolf research was right they might not even have a choice but to obey their alpha. In some books I read the Alpha had some kind of power over their pack and could make pack members do anything they wanted them to do. 

For a second I think about running, but the reality of the situation keeps me walking silently between Mike and Sarah. Mike at my front, and Sarah at my back. If they don’t bring me in to see him I’m sure there would be repercussions for them. If I didn’t go i’d also be leaving one life of secrecy for another. I don’t know if I could handle that. 

Besides, if the Alpha turned out to be a maniac and I had to live a life on the run I could deal with that later. Right now, some part of me, which I think is definitely off the rocker crazy, is happy about all this. Even if I do have to become an on the run nomad, my secret is out and that’s like a balm to the soul.

“So…” I say breaking the silence “Does this alpha guy have a weak spot? Excessive flatulence, trick knee, secretly bald?”

Sarah let’s a snort but quickly covers it with a cough. 

“I can’t tell you Luce. Anything I say from now until we reach the pack house can be used against me, you and Sarah. I think it’s best if we don’t talk until then. It’s not far.” 

“Anything can be used against us?!” I say “Like if you were to tell me what you had for lunch he would take that information and turn it into a way to kill me?” 

“He had a salami sandwich for lunch.” Sarah says. 

“Ohhh, that is dangerous, maybe the sandwich was actually ham and now that I don’t know which is the truth this huge secret might be the deciding note on if I live, or die. Good lord! My life is now in the hands of a cold cut mystery!” 

Sarah doesn’t even bother to hide her laughter this time. Mike on the other hand, stops in his tracks and turns around to look me in the eye. 

“It’s not a joke Lucy! This is serious. We can get in big trouble and you can get in even bigger trouble. Just stop joking for one minute and trust me that silence is the best thing any of us can do right now.” 

“Thanks for the unneeded clarification Mike” I say angrily. He knew that come backs were one of my many defense mechanisms.

Mike’s shoulders drop a bit but he stays firm. “I don’t think it was unneeded. Now let’s go.” He turns back to face the front and resumes his pace. 

My anger bubbles even more, like a lava pit which just got some rocks thrown, disturbing the calm surface. At the same time, I also feel some guilt. I was processing by doing stupid small talk, Mike needed to process by having silence and feeling like he was at least doing something to keep me and Sarah safe. It was Mike’s way, the nerdy protector. 

Guilt and compassion win over anger and I clamp my mouth shut as we make our way to the car. I even keep my mouth shut as start our drive over to this mysterious alpha. In my mind though the stupid small talk and dumb comments are comedy gold. 


Can we get any deeper into this forest? I honestly didn’t know the forest in our town was this big. It’s like a never ending maze of green, bark brown, and cute forest animals. 

I turn my head to the front as the car stops. We are in the middle of nowhere so, needless to say I am currently hella confused. I was kind of enjoying my zoned out state. Anxiety didn’t exist in it.

“Ok, I know I have been doing really well on this silence thing but why are we stopping?!” I ask.

Sarah and Mike turn from the front seat to look at me. This time they both look equally nervous. 

“So, we’ve been talking.” Sarah starts. “And we think we should blindfold you the rest of the way?”

I snort, but my humor fades as I see they are serious. 

“Why? I’m already lost, I was lost twenty minutes ago. What help will blindfolding me do?”


“We know you have a piss poor sense of direction” Mike says “But not everyone does. It’s just another small thing we can do to help your case when you meet the Alpha.” 

Sarah gives me puppy eyes and I break. “Fine.” I grumble. “Do it.” I could live with a blindfold if it made my friends feel better.

Mike echoes Sarah’s relieved smile as he opens his door and makes his way to the trunk.

Seconds later he is is opening my passenger side door, a silky piece of black cloth in his hand. 

I arch a brow. “Do you regularly blindfold people? Because you seem awfully prepared.” 

Mike only rolls his eyes and motions me to turn around. I do as he asks but don’t let it drop. 

“Do all werewolves have a kit to use in case of kidnapping? Or this just a kinky thing you like to do Mike?” 

Mike positions the blindfold on my eyes and then works on tying it behind my head. 

It’s a moment before he responds. “It was from my Halloween costume” he says.

“Seriously? That was forever ago! Though, now that you mention it this blindfold does have a slight beer smell…” 

Mike guides me back around so I am presumably facing the front and buckles my seatbelt for me. 

I prop the mask up and then put it back down. “Yes, this seems to work very well.” 

“You just had to do that.” Sarah says from the front seat eyes twinkling with mirth. 

I don’t catch her meaning until I hear the trunk close and then prop my mask back up to see Mike walking towards me with a piece of rope. 

“Now this.” He says with a smirk. “Is from my werewolf emergency kit.” 

He grabs my hands and before I can process what he’s doing he has them firmly tied together and secured on the ‘oh shit’ handle as I like to call it. That small plastic handle on the inside hood of the car, positioned by every seat. The one I only ever grab when I am with a terrible driver who does turns which make me go, “oh shit, I’m gonna die”.

The rope is not tight enough to hurt, but tight enough so I can most definitely not get out without help. “Seriously Mike!” I shriek. 

Mike pulls my blindfold back down and says as he closes the door; “If we are doing the blindfold thing, we got to go all the way. If not, what’s the point?” 

“You piece of sesame street garbage! Even Oscar The Grouch wouldn’t want you in his trash can!”

Mike only laughs as he turns the car back on. I jolt as I try to position myself in a semi-comfortable spot. 

“Stupid werewolf best friends” I grumble which only makes Mike laugh harder. 

I lean my head back on the head rest. I couldn’t see anything so might as well get some rest while we drove. Eventually I feel myself dozing only to awaken way too soon by the car stopping. Again. 

“Are we here?” I ask slightly groggy “Or are you going to gag me next?” 

“Shhh!” Sarah says. The tone of her voice is like a cold shower. I wake up and straighten, my whole body on high alert. 

Moment later I hear the driver side window roll down, and then a man’s voice. 

“What is she doing here?” he asks 

“We informed the Alpha we were coming with her.” Mike answers. I have never heard his voice like that before. It’s strong, unwavering, devoid of his usual humor. 

“We know that Mikey.” The man says with some affection. “What we don’t know is why.” 

I feel a presence at my window but with a blindfold on, I can’t be sure if my intuition is right. 

“Why doesn’t matter.” Mike says using the same tone. “I’m not discussing this with you until we talk to Alpha John.” 

The man sighs. “Alright Mikey. George?” 

My door opens confirming someone is indeed there. “Sorry lass,” the new voice says as he pushes up my shirt sleeve.

I try to move away but Mike’s handy work makes it pretty much impossible. 

“No, there’s no need!” I hear Sarah cry out, as I feel something prick my skin. 

A cool liquid rushes into my veins and immediately, I feel myself slump. I lose all control and feeling in my body and it’s terrifying. 

 My vision goes next, the traces of light once visible from behind the blindfold blur out into darkness, thoughts become sluggish, and then I also blur out of existence. 

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