The Rebel Moon: Serial book by Maya Lemaire - Chapter 4

Updated: Jan 16

My head is pounding something fierce as I try to open my eyes. I feel like I’ve just caught the flu, everything is aching and I’m a bit queasy.

I finally manage to pry one eye open, and then the other. I lift my hands to wipe off the gunk I feel crusting the corner of my eyes but realize I can’t. My hands are tied to my sides somehow.

I blink rapidly to get the room in focus. It’s dark, the only source of light is from an overhead light bulb. The walls look like concrete and so does the floor. The only other thing I see is a large metal door, and maybe a small camera on the ceiling, it’s too dark to tell.

Where was I? Where were Mike and Sarah?

I tug on my arms but they don’t budge. My wrists ache at the pressure of the ropes digging into my skin. I try to move my legs, to kick out in anger, but they are also firmly tied to the chair.

“Hello?!” I yell my anxiety rising. “Any douchebags in the house? Come out where I can see ya!”

The door creaks and it starts to open. I realize at this moment that aggravating my captors might not be the smartest move on my part. I had to stop doing things based on what I saw in movies! I wasn’t a big kick ass fighter chick. I was a skinny armed, food loving, weirdo with non existent fighting skills.

The door swings fully open and free burly men and one equally strong looking women walk in.

An additional light I hadn’t seen switches on and their faces come into view. The lady and one of the three men looked slightly familiar, but I couldn’t place why. This was a small enough town that I might just have crossed paths with them a few times.

“Lucy Medlar?” Asks the man in front. He definitely exuded an air of power but he also wasn’t the most build or muscular of the bunch.

“Who’s that?” I ask “I’m Georga Lane. You got the wrong person! Where am I? Please let me go!”

The men exchange a confused look before the woman speaks up. “She’s messing with you. This is Lucy Medlar.” Way to throw me under the buss lady. I drop the confused, damsel in distress, act and look at them all straight on.

“Why would you lie?” The man in front asks stepping closer. “Is this something you do often?”

“It’s something I do when I don’t know where I am, who i'm talking to and why i’m tied up in a dark concrete room” I say.

“Mike and Sarah said you were smart. I would have thought it would be obvious.”

“So you are werewolves then.” I say confirming my suspicion. “Is one of you Alpha John?”

“That would be me.” The man in front of me says. I wasn’t surprised. He had a certain kind of presence. One only ever found in leaders or people in power. I still wasn’t sure if it was a good presence or bad one.

“Now Lucy. Tell me when you first found out about werewolves?”

“Can you untie me first?” I ask.

“I’m afraid we can’t.” John says.

“Come on! I’m a measly human! What could I even do in a room full of werewolves?”

“Lucy dear,” The woman says speaking up. “I don’t think you understand the situation you are in right now. You might have Mike and Sarah’s approval but to leave this room on good terms you will need ours.”

I slump in my chair. They had a point. I wasn’t making a good case for myself, but on the other hand, I was drugged, tied to a chair and then woke up in a dark and cold concrete room.

“I found out three years ago.” I say choosing the path of least resistance.

“Three years?” Alpha John says in surprise.


“And how many people did you tell in those three years?”

“No one. I’ve only ever told you people and then Mike and Sarah hours ago.”

“You never told anyone else?” Says one of the burly men unconvinced.

“That’s what I said! I care too much about my friends safety to spill the beans.”

“How did you find out?” The same man asks.

My anxiety rises as I start to realize it’s not only my neck on the line. Would Sarah and Mike get in trouble for letting me accidentally see what they were?

“I don’t think that matters” I say. “The point is I haven’t told anyone, haven’t hinted what I knew to anyone, haven’t put my friends or any werewolf identities at risk. I might get sassy when I’m nervous but I swear i’m trustworthy and would never do anything to put someone in harms way. Especially if those someone’s are by best friends.”

“But what proof do we have of this?” John says examining me. It’s quite disconcerting, I feel like he can see right through me, his eyes glowing amber as he holds my gaze.

“Well, you have me keeping my mouth shut for three years.” I say as I discreetly avert my gaze so I’m not staring directly into his eyes. “You have the word of my friends and if my werewolf research is right you can make them tell you the truth right? Oh, you also have the fact that if I do cross you you can tear me limb from limb before I even say, ‘oops, my bad’.”

“Yes, there is that.” John agrees.

The last part was a joke but good to know it’s something he actually seems to be considering.

“What else can I do to make you trust me?” I say as the silence stretches.

John doesn’t answer. He just continues to examine me. Then after a moment he says “What if I gave you a substantial amount of money to never talk to Sarah or Mike again. To never interact with one of my pack again unless under my orders to do so.”

“I’d turn it down” I say without a second thought. “My friends mean more to me than any money you could offer.”

“Any money?” John says as he walks around me, watching me like i’m the prey and he’s the hunter. “I’m talking enough money to buy a house, to fund your college tuition…”

“No.” I say firmly. “I meant what I said. Friendship is worth more than any money I could own. I’m lucky to have found two true friends, I won’t be letting them go for any material possessions. I honestly can’t think of anything someone could promise me that would make me give them up.”

The room is quiet as John continues to circle me. It’s quite stressful having not only the powerful gaze of an Alpha on me but also the gaze or three powerful werewolves. I try to stay strong and not squirm in my seat, but it becomes harder and harder as time passes.

Another eternity seems to pass before John speaks again. I swear if any more eternity length silences happen I am going to leave this room as a shriveled grandma.

“Ok, well I think that settles it for me.” he says his expression turning from ‘i’m gonna kill you’ to ‘mr happy’ in two seconds flat.

“We will allow you to become an unofficial pack members on a trial basis. We will put in place a set of rules to which you will be bound to. If all is going well in three weeks time we will draft an official request for you to be added to our pack as a human member. If this request is accepted you will tasked with some duties to contribute to our packs wealth and function and you will be bound by the same law which governs our kind. You will find that some of them are quite a bit more violent than your human laws. Do you agree to these terms?” He asks

“Is this the only way I can continue to be with my friends?” I reply.

John nods.

“Then yes, I agree.” Some of his speech sounded iffy, but I knew what I knew and whatever happened I would be able to face it with my friends by my side.

“Great! Welcome miss Medlar to the world of werewolves, and may the Wolf Mother be with you.” He gives me a wide smile which oddly enough looks genuine. This guy was giving me a whiplash with his mood changes. I couldn’t figure out if he was a good guy with a though side, or a tough guy pretending to have a good side.

Alpha John bends down and unties my wrist and my legs. I immediately stretch my arms out and then rub my wrists to get some circulation in them. I guess the movies did get some things right.

“So what now?” I ask as I stand up from the chair and gently roll my sore ankles.

“Now, we reunite you with your friends and we discuss the next steps. I am told they are quite anxious to see you.”

Well if that last line didn’t sounds like something an evil villain would say, or was he being genuine? Gah! I hated not being able to read this guy.

Alpha John leaves the room followed by the woman and the one of the burly guys. The last burly guy waits by the door, presumably because he wants me to go first. I would be leaving my concrete prison but seems I would still be trapped between two burly werewolves. I was still on fence about which one was the better option.

With a deep breath I make my way to the door, I step across the threshold and hear the door bang shut as the shadow of a large werewolf takes it’s place behind my back.

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