• Maya Lemaire

What is 365 Kindness?

Something I found lacking in today's world in Kindness. I am not kind to myself and so many people are unkind to each other.

I feel like a world with more kindness, or a world where we focus more on the good than the bad, is a better world for all. Because one act of kindness leads to another until you are a Powered Crowd for positive change and real and needed positive changes are happening all around you.

365 Kindness was created to share one act of kindness a day, every day. This, much like the practice of gratitude is such a good way to shift your mindset. It's also a call to action for you to include more kindness in your life, for yourself and others.

There is enough bad news in this world. The 365 Kindness project want to infuse the world with love and good news and show how Kindness has the power to change your life for the better, to change your life into the best life you can lead.

How to get involved?

I will be sharing a post on this blog and on my social media channels every day that highlights and act of kindness. It could be something I did, something I saw someone else do, something which was brought to my attention or I saw in the news. It can really be anything which demonstrates kindness towards oneself or towards someone else.

You can also get involved by joining the 365 Kindness Facebook group here.

I love to hear about people or initiatives you think should be mentioned! You can send me Snail Mail or email me at mayalemairemail@gmail.com with a nomination.

I hope you join me in spreading Kindness and making this world a better place!

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