What is Powered Crowd?

Powered Crowd is about Creating an Empowered Group of People who all have a goal to make positive change in the world. Anyone is welcome to be a part of this Powered Crowd, no matter their gender, religion, ethnicity etc.

Powered Crowd wants to encourage understanding and kindness to one another and break down barriers caused by hate and fear.

One of the main initiatives from Powered Crowd is the 365 Kindness initiative which encourages people to be kind to themselves and others every day.

365 Kindness can be found on Maya's Social Media, on the blog portion of this website and in her Facebook group.

As a part of 365 Kindness Maya also encourages people to send her Snail Mail or emails (mayalemairemail@gmail.com) nominating people they think should be recognized or praised for their strength, their work in the field of empowerment, their kindness or how inspiring they are.

Maya will soon be launching some new products soon which you can buy and use for your personal empowerment and to help empower others.

Where Can I Participate?

You can Participate by commenting on the blog posts on this website or on Maya's Social Media. Following social media channels and sharing content helps this movement and also helps spread messages of empowerment.

You can also find ways to be empowered through our empowerment products. Purchases of these products help Powered Crowd to keep running and helps us spread our mission of personal and global empowerment.

 Another way to participate is by sending email nominations (mayalemairemail@gmail.com) of people you think are inspiring or should be recognized for the work they do in the field of making positive impact in this world. The chosen nominations will be features on this website and on social media.

You can also join this movement by requesting to be added to the "365 Kindness" Facebook Group here. Everyone in this group is part of a Powered Crowd of change makers, intent on spreading smiles and happiness. We would love to have you join!


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